by Gary Koeppel


The Coast Galleries art collection offered on this website comes from the archives of Gary M. Koeppel’s six California and Hawaiian art galleries, from thirty international Global Art Expo special events and from the Coast Publishing fine art poster and limited edition print publications.

Koeppel began his art career in 1968 and has dedicated the last fifty years to curating and marketing only artworks that are distinctive, qualitative and affordable.

The artworks herein contain the last of sold out editions, some of which are considered “museum quality”, many of which are “rare” and all of which are “collectible” because they are last of their kind and will never be replicated.

This is the first time -- - and the last time -- - that Koeppel’s archived art collection will ever be offered and this is the only place where collectors may purchase this art. For most of the artworks on the website, only one piece is available. When sold, they will not and cannot be replaced.