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Ann Seifert Biography

Ann Seifert makes her home in Big Sur, California and has been sculpting since 1986. She was introduced to the serious study of sculpting by Janet Lederman, who was a Big Sur artist and educator. After working for three years exclusively in clay, Ann was introduced to the concept of sculpting in wax. The change from clay to wax brought about a breakthrough in the amount of overt and subtle detail she was able to bring to her work. "I am very grateful to the instruction and encouragement I received from my friend and teacher, Janet Lederman", who died in 1991

Ann continued to study and sculpt alone for the next two years until she met world-renowned animal sculptor Loet Vanderveen with whom she have had the privilege of working since 1993. "I have received the most profound inspiration and guidance in my work from Mr. Vanderveen."

In 1999, after years of work and study, Ann produced her first limited edition bronze sculpture, "A Moment of Grace". "I made an education out of the years I worked on her, studying with Mr. Loet Vanderveen until the sculpture was complete." It was a process that lasted five years.

In 2001, Ann also introduced a line of animal sculpture. "I continue to receive guiding critiques of my work from Mr. Vanderveen and to work on both lines. I love the challenge of each new endeavor."