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Tim Cotterill is The Frogman

Life in the Frog Lane

Frog sculptor Tim Cotterill is affectionately called "The Frogman" in real life.

Born in England in 1950 and a high school dropout at fifteen, Tim apprenticed as an engineer intrigued with metalworking and soon became a master of metal sculpture.

For the next ten years he created over one thousand bird and animal sculptures in metal, many of which were sold at Sotheby's in London.

After many trips to the United States, at age forty he moved to California and discovered frogs as a sculptural form through which he could express his delightful sense of lighthearted humor.

Although still a world traveler, frogs are now his life's true love, a love perhaps best described by him: "In today's fast world, life sometimes becomes complicated and stressful. As you can see, my art is not".

Tim the Frogman explains, "my frogs make people smile, and the more we smile, laugh and feel happy, the healthier we become".

"Smile and laugh! It's free and contagious! And that's it! Life in the Frog Lane!"

That's all folks!