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Coast Galleries was founded by in 1971 by Gary Koeppel who currently owns and operates the business with his wife, Emma. Koeppel designed and built the gallery complex by recycling redwood water tanks that had been salvaged from large municipal water storage tanks, which is regarded as an architectural landmark on the scenic Big Sur Coast.

Coast currently has gallery locations in Big Sur, California and Hana, Maui, Hawaii. Big Sur is the largest gallery of Hand Made American Master Crafts in the United States and Hana is the largest and most prestigious gallery of Hawaiian Cultural Arts in the state of Hawaii.


Coast Gallery Big Sur is located on Scenic Highway One on the beautiful Big Sur Coast halfway between Carmel to the north and Hearst Castle to the south. It is situated in a Redwood canyon adjacent to a mountain stream with the Pacific Ocean below and the Coast mountains above.

The gallery was designed and built by Gary Koeppel from large recycled Redwood water tanks. His Personal History of Coast Galleries describes how he got to Big Sur, acquired the gallery and survived the experience.

The landmark architecture features two buildings in the round, handcrafted from large municipal water tanks that were reassembled as a building. When the gallery first opened in 1958 it was called "The Bank" by the local artists whose work was deposited therein.

The Big Sur gallery has become the largest known gallery of American Crafts in the United States. It features over 3,000 fine art and craft works created by 250 artists and artisans.

Its remote location serves as an oasis for visitors and provides them with a peaceful respite from driving the winding scenic highway along the Pacific edge. Highway One rises from sea level to over 1000 feet and is filled with breathtaking views of the Big Sur surf and headlands, a place called by Henry Miller the greatest meeting of land and sea on earth.

The 9,000 square foot complex houses six galleries and an indoor-outdoor Espresso Cafe here visitors can indulge in the man-made beauty inside and the God-made beauty outside.


Coast Gallery Hana has striking similarities to Coast Gallery Big Sur: it is located in a remote area accessed by a beautiful but narrow and winding highway replete with waterfalls, canyons and ocean views that conjure up the wonderment of where we are and when we'll get there.

Located in Old Hana Town, which is fondly referred to as "The Most Hawaiian Place", the Hana Coast Gallery is nestled between the restless Pacific Ocean and Haleakala, a dormant volcano.

Called by a noted travel writer "a highly acclaimed art gallery in the middle of nowhere", he explained, "You wouldn't usually think of one of America's most respected cultural art galleries being so hidden away. But that's where you will find the Hana Coast Gallery, out in the middle of "nowhere".

Regarding its remote location, on the Island of Maui some 2,500 miles from the nearest land mass, managing gallery director Patrick Robinson, once remarked, "and we are further away from EVERYWHERE than anywhere else in the world!

Proudly situated at the world-class hideaway Hotel Hana Maui, the Hana Coast Gallery has become the largest gallery of Hawaiian Arts in the state of Hawaii. Such an elegant venue is the perfect place to display the cultural arts of the Hawaiian Islands.

The 3,000 square foot gallery features a group of talented and collectible artists and artisans who create exotic Hawaiian wood calabash bowls, paddles, furniture, sculpture, featherwork and fiber arts, stone and wood carvings, fine art, and much more.

Carl Lindquist envisioned the Hana Gallery in 1975 but it wasn't until he partnered with Gary Koeppel of Coast Galleries that it became a reality in 1989. Additional information about the founding of Coast Gallery Hana is in the Personal History of Coast Galleries

The award-winning gallery has won accolades from the top travel and art magazines in the country (Travel & Leisure, Arts & Antiques) because it has a cultural essence and an aversion to commercial trendiness.

Travel & Leisure Magazine's World Best Awards section declared "Hana Coast Gallery at Hotel Hana Maui, by far the best fine art and craft gallery on Maui".

Frommer's Hawaii Guide 2002 noted that "Native Hawaiian artists and master craftspeople have a presence and integrity here unlike any other gallery in the islands. "This gallery is one main reason to go to Hana. It's an aesthetic and cultural experience that informs as it enlightens. Tucked away in the posh hideaway hotel (Hotel Hana-Maui), this gallery is known for its high level of curatorship and commitment to the cultural art of Hawaii.

Patrick Robinson was the original managing director of Coast Gallery Wailea in 1985 and has been the managing director of Hana Coast Gallery since 1989.

Robinson has been Marine Corps officer, monk, psychologist and restauranteur. He is a Fellow of the Culinary Institute of America and a Chevalier of the Confreire de la Chaine des Rotisseurs. For the past twenty years, Patrick has also been an art dealer, insurance valuator and art appraiser.

Author of The Selling of Art and a popular E-Book Tips On Collecting Art and Craft, Patrick Robinson also conducts sales training for the California gallery locations. He spends most of his time curating and exhibiting Hawaii artists and Hawaiian artisans for Hana Coast Gallery and maintains its reputation as the finest cultural arts gallery in the state of Hawaii.

Great expectations for continuing success of Hawaiian Cultural Arts at Coast Gallery Hana have been born by the recent acquisition of the Hotel Hana Maui by Michael Freed and Peter Heinneman, who are also entrepreneur owners of the Post Ranch Inn and Cousteau Fiji Inn.